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Rethink your relationship with food

Eat fresh Seafood.


Why Us?



Get fish directly from the sea! Do not wait for it to be frozen down and defrosted before you eat it.



Enjoy the luxury of knowing exactly where your fish comes from.



Support your local fishermen and fishmongers by buying directly from them.


What we do

We want to make it easy to buy fresh, locally caught fish.

We connect fishermen with local fish consumers, by allowing you to see what fresh fish is available near you.

Our vision is a world where local fishermen have the power to earn a liveable wage from the fish they catch and consumers have easy access to reasonably priced fresh, locally sourced seafood. We are providing this connection.



Want to sell fish?

As a fish supplier, you get to set the price of your fish. We support you by taking care of the sales afterwards. Write to us if you want to hear more.


Want to bring Blue Lobster to your home town?

It is easy to make something delicious when you have great quality ingredients.
— Chef