Blue Lobster

Connecting fresh fish with local consumers.


We connect fishermen and fishmongers with local fish consumers, by allowing fish consumers to see where and what fresh fish is available.

There is currently no easy or universal system that connects consumers directly to the source of their seafood, although there is a desire and a global trend towards eating locally. Our service is currently the only one in Denmark that would allow fish consumers to communicate in an effective and efficient way with the fishermen and fishmongers who provide locally caught fish to the area.



Restaurants - We deliver fresh fish to restaurants. This does require flexibility from the restaurants, as we work with locally caught fish our supplies are weather dependent.

Pick-up Points - If you live in the city, you will soon be able to buy fish and have it delivered to a pick-up-point near you. This could be a supermarket or grocery store.

Fishmongers - Our aim is to support other small businesses. So, for those customers who would like their fish filleted, we will work with locally-sourcing fishmongers to provide an easy product.




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